• What to Expect from Radiation Treatment of Your Cat's Thyroid Tumor

    Your veterinarian diagnosed your cat as hyperthyroid with a tumor in the thyroid gland. Of the various treatment options, your vet recommended radiation treatment of the tumor. This is a definitive treatment, destroying the cancerous cells and restoring the normal function of the thyroid. It does mean a couple of nights in the animal hospital, though. Here is what the treatment entails and when you can get your feline friend back home.
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  • Tips For Your Pup's First Kennel Stay

    If your pooch usually handles travel well, you may not typically think to board him or her when you travel. Unfortunately, there may be some times when you have to go somewhere, for work or other purposes, and cannot bring your pup along. If this happens, it's in your best interest to think about finding a dog kennel for boarding. If you've never had to board your dog before, you may not know what you can expect.
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