Is Organic Dog Food The Best Choice For Your Pooch?

Posted on: 6 April 2016

Just like humans, dogs need to eat food that is rich in nutrients to keep them healthy. In recent years, pet owners have become more conscious about the ingredients that are found in traditional name brand foods. Some of these ingredients can include ground up bone, corn meal, and even chemicals that can be bad for your furry friend when eaten over the long term. Organic dog food is sweeping the pet food market, but is it really better for your best friend? Here are some reasons to consider switching over to organic dog food for a healthier pet.

Less Risk Of Negative Reactions

Organic dog food does not contain ingredients that can irritate your dog's skin or cause them to deal with allergic reactions. People can experience food allergies, and dogs can too. You may have tried medications from your veterinarian or topical creams to treat an itchy pup, but try switching their diet over to organic food for a month or two and see if the problems start to subside. Good quality organic dog food contains lots of nutrients that can support and build up your dog's immune system so they can fight skin infections and resist allergies much more effectively without the need for over the counter treatments.

Healthier Weight 

Feeding your dog organic food will help keep their weight at a reasonable level. Many processed dog foods contain corn meal that can cause weight gain in dogs. Organic food also has no harmful pesticides to make your dog feel lethargic, thereby increasing their activity level. Food that's free and clear of any chemicals and made from all natural ingredients can help your dog be more active and maintain a healthier weight thanks to the delivery of pure nutrients being delivered into their bloodstream. Wheat is also a common ingredient found in most mass produced dog foods, and wheat can make your dog put on weight even if they eat a normal amount every day. By avoiding corn meal and wheat, your four-legged friend can shed some pounds and be much healthier.

Whole Ingredients

A good organic dog food brand will provide all kinds of nutritionally packed ingredients. Look for products that contain real meat as the first ingredient. Dogs need the protein from meat to build healthy muscles and stay strong. Some other perks of organic dog food include extra antioxidants and omega fats for a healthier heart and lots of vitamins that dogs need like vitamin C and E. You'll even find some foods that contain real fruits and vegetables so your dog will get all of their nutrients from a completely natural source. If you've considered switching to organic dog food, give it a try and see if your pet's health improves.

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