Which Type Of Kennel Is Right For Your Dog?

Posted on: 4 September 2015

There are dog kennels that are designed to suit every kind of dog owner. Some owners consider the dogs as their children, and prefer them to be treated as if they were a child at a sleepover. Other owners are less sentimental and more practical, preferring a kennel that meets their dogs' basic needs for food and shelter, with some unstructured socialization with other dogs according to their temperament. There are also kennels that allow dogs to run and explore wooded areas in a structured and limited recreation of their distant past,

Each of these type of kennels offer their customers distinct and unique benefits, which include the following:

The practical " bare bones" kennel

This type of kennel is the least expensive, but still meets the basic needs of your pet while you are away for a few days. Some dogs are completely at ease with this arrangement, especially if they've been boarded previously, and owners are content in the knowledge that their pet is safe.

The " home away from home" kennel

These kennels offer the most amenities to which a dog may be accustomed at home. Some facilities offer private rooms with flat screen televisions along with webcams that can allow the owner to see their pet in real time on their laptop or smartphone from anywhere in the world. This helps to minimize separation anxiety in pet owners that view their dogs as their children.

Of course, these amenities come with a higher price tag, but if you wish to get a deluxe room for your pet, make reservations far in advance, because they tend to be booked consistently, especially during peak vacation times.

The "run with the pack " kennel

While this type of kennel is not available in many areas, it offers a unique opportunity for dogs to experience the thrill of running through forests with other dogs as their ancestors lived. Of course, this activity is limited and supervised by trained professionals who know how to handle dogs in groups and stop aggressive behavior when it starts to get out of hand.

Many dogs are unsure of their status in their human family, and feel like a second class member because their canine instinctual drives are in conflict with the behavior of their human family. Having the opportunity to run with other dogs in a natural setting allows a dog to experience their true nature, and with it the realization that they are not second class humans joined to their family by accident, but faithful companions who are chosen for who and what they are, and loved by choice and not chance.

Talk to professional kennel services like Parkland Kennels West Inc to see if they offer the right services for your dog.


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